Flexible Office Advisory

At Prop, we help companies of all sizes source, negotiate and operate in Flexible Office Spaces — Coworking, Serviced Offices or Managed Space

We are based in Hong Kong and cover the Asia Pacific region

Our Services – How we can help you

Whether you are in a coworking space, serviced office or traditional space we can help you explore Flex office spaces in the market and secure a robust commercial deal.

Flex Office Search and Negotiations

We will help frame your requirements (area or headcount). Then we identify suitable spaces in the market, arrange tours and secure you the best deal based on a robust negotiation process.

Flex Office Portfolio Strategy

Explore strategies to optimise the Flex component of your portfolio of office locations. How is your space currently (under) utilised? We can assist with scenario planning various approaches.

Flex Office Renewals

Renewal of your Flex Office is an opportunity to adjust space, fix space issues and avoid significant reversion costs. We provide negotiation support up-front or behind the scenes.

Data Platform & API Coming soon

To operate in the Flex market, a solid foundation of data is a must. We are opening up our platform to provide access to enriched Flex office data through the web or via API.